David Klochko


David Klochko is a first-time children’s book author and father of one. Inspired by his daughter, David began writing “Fly High Baby Dragon” to help her understand the importance of practice and patience. Growing up, and often into adulthood, David also struggled with the concept of perseverance in the face of difficult tasks. He hopes that both kids and parents can find the same inspiration that he has found in “Fly High Baby Dragon”, so that they too can try something new and fly high.


Fly High, Baby Dragon

An Illustrated Bedtime Storybook for Kids Fostering Resilience and Growth for Little Dreamers; A Newborn Dragon Learns Patience and Perseverance on His Journey to Master Flying


Bedtime is a magical time when children's imaginations take flight, fueled by the bedtime stories that weave through their minds. And having the right story makes all the difference! Recognizing this, David Klochko wrote the Fly High, Baby Dragon book, introducing little ones to a world where dreams soar as...

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Latest Updates

I have partnered with Story Time with Nalini to bring my children's book to children all around the world. She has posted a beautiful reading of my story on her Spotify Podcast...

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"Fly High, Baby Dragon" has received its first editorial review, and it couldn't be any more exiciting. I was not expecting a 5-Star review on my very first picture book, but I...

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Thank you for visiting my page. I hope that you are excited as I am to fly high with Baby Dragon. If you have any inquiries, or would simply like to share your experience with my book, please let me know.